11 activities to do with your children at home


So it’s been a few weeks stuck indoors and I’m pretty sure, like myself, you’re all about to lose your shit. I’ve been figuring out what my kids like to do most in their free time apart from sitting them in front of the TV or in a corner playing games on their tablets and I’ve come up with a few ideas that my 5 and 2 year old thoroughly enjoyed.  


1.     Den building

Very simple and so much fun for the imagination. Now there’s two ways in which you or your children can do this. First, you can build a den with cushions and pillows inside the house. Let your children use their imagination on how they want it built.
Second, you can take a bed sheet outside and place over some large objects to create a roof for the den. These large objects can be anything such as chairs or tables or anything you can find to hold up the sheet. 

2.     Housebound treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are so much fun for kids and it’s a fantastic way to kill the boredom. Hide some treasure in the house or the garden and give a clue to lead them to the next clue, then the next and so on. The clues will eventually lead to the treasure. It’s up to you what the treasure will be but for mine, I leave a chocolate bar or their favourite toy with a ‘Thank you for finding me’ message.

3.     Finger painting

This activity is so much fun for those who love messy play. No need for paint brushes, just your fingers, paints and paper and you’re away. See how many different pictures you can create with just your fingers.

4.     Paper Mache masks.

My kids love paper mache! These masks can be used for a bit of imaginative play once they’re complete. 
This is the link my kids created theirs from. 
It is a step by step guide on how to create an awesome mask.

5.     Cookie decorating.

My kids love this fun and tasty activity. Although most of the sweetie decorations are eaten before they touch the cookie. But so much fun all the same. 
Using a selection of sweets such as smarties, jelly babies and sprinkles, Spread a layer of icing over a biscuit of your choice and let your kids go wild creating a yummy cookie treat.

6.     Joe Wicks PE or Cosmic Kids Yoga

It is important to keep our kids active during this time and how lucky we are to have the internet to watch videos such as Joe Wicks or Cosmic  Kids yoga. These two are my kids favourites. The yoga is my favourite as she tells a story with her yoga poses, keeping my kids imagination going as well as active.

7.     Making mini pizzas

I love pizza, and so do my children. Probably the only thing along with chocolate that is keeping me from hitting my ideal weight but hey ho back to the point….
Cooking is such a fun activity for kids and being stuck at home is the perfect opportunity to get them in the kitchen to cook something nice. I love this step by step method on how to make mini pizzas. https://www.muminthemadhouse.com/mini-pizza-bites-cooking-with-kids/

8.     Origami.

I have been a fan of origami since I was a child and I have just started introducing it to my children. This website has some easy step by step guides to origami and creating some amazing thing. https://www.origami-fun.com/origami-for-kids.html

9.     Gardening.

You don’t need a big garden to do a bit of gardening. All you need is a flower pot, some mud and some seeds and a bit of light. If you’ve got gardening tools for the kids then great, but if not, a spoon and a fork will do if you have some old cutlery you don’t mind using in mud. It’s a lot of fun watching things grow. 
If you do have a garden and some gardening tools for the kids, get them to help remove weeds from the flower beds. My son loves doing this with his dad in the summer.

10.  Junk modelling.

When I was a little girl, I remember being very creative when it came to building things with junk around the house. I made my own dog because my mum wouldn’t let me have a real one. I made a wishing well which I was able to fill with actual water and I made my own dolls house because we couldn’t afford a real one. There’s so much you can create with old boxes, milk cartons, some scissors and a bit of glue. Let your children’s imagination run wild with what they can create.

11.  Watch a movie.

One of my favourite past times. We have a movie night or two every week after a busy day. It helps my kids unwind and relax before bedtime. There are fantastic film on Disney+ or Now TV, or even Netflix depending on which of them you have. It’s nice to watch a fun family movie all together. 



Whatever activities you decide to do, they are more fun as a family and your kids will remember Covid-19  lockdown to be a fun and enjoyable experience. These are just a number of activities you can do with your children such as creating a puppet show, making up a dance for TikTok, or even meditating together. Whatever you do, make it fun and don’t forget to take lots and lots of pictures and videos.




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