5 Potty training tips every parent should read


It’s that time! The time you’ve been looking forward to but also dreading! It’s time for potty training! Your toddler is ready to learn but you have no idea where to start.

My daughter is 2.5 years old and has recently shown an interest in sitting on her potty. As I went through this with my first I thought I’d use then same or similar techniques on my little girl. Of course, as with anything you’re learning for the first time, expect mistakes! Expect little accidents but keep at it and praise them LOADS!

Here are 5 tips to help you get started. 5 tips I’ve used with both of mine and so far so good with my little girl. She’s doing incredibly well and enjoys sitting on her potty even if she doesn’t wee or poo.

  1. Be patient

    Potty training can sometimes take up to a year for toddlers to grasp. Don’t become frustrated if it’s taking a long time but instead work with their flow. Don’t try to rush them as they may regress and you’ll be back at square one!

  2. Your child has to be ready
    There is no point trying to begin potty training before your child is ready. You might as well be trying to teach them to style hair perfectly.
    Potty training usually begins around the age of 2-2.5 depending on the child so around this time be sure to look out for all the signs! Signs include your toddler having an interested in the toilet, putting toys on the potty pretending they’re having a wee, having an interest in you on the toilet and sitting on the potty themselves if for a few seconds.

  3. Be consistent
    Consistency is key when it comes to potty training. Once my daughter began showing an interest in her potty and wanting to sit on it, we removed her nappy during the day and only put one on while she slept at night. She has very quickly learnt that if she doesn’t sit on the potty she will get her legs wet and the floor wet and it’s not a nice feeling. We do this every single day. Obviously you have to keep a sharp eye incase of any accidents but they will get there! But you must keep consistent. There is no point practising potty training a couple of days in the week and the rest keeping a nappy on. It’ll take a hell of a lot longer for them to grasp it. Work at it every single day and I promise you it will get easier and they will learn quicker.

  4. Praise them
    Even if they just sit on the potty for one second. It’s progress! My daughter was interested in the big toilet but completely refused to sit on her potty. The minute she sat down, baring in mind it was literally half a second! We clapped and praised her, gave her a high five, hugged her and said well done! She loved it! Loved it so much she did it again and again and even though she wasn’t going for a wee, we knew this was the start of her learning all about her potty.
    A potty training chart works well once they’ve grasped it. Praise goes a heck of a long way with children so giving them a reward for their progress will encourage them to continue. After all, kids LOVE stickers. We have them stuck all over the bloody house!

  5. NEVER scold
    If your child has had an accident on the floor, on the sofa or on your bed, DO NOT show any frustration or anger towards them. This will upset them and may cause them to regress as they won’t understand why you’re angry. They may just assume you’re angry at them for doing a wee regardless of where it was done. DON’T scare your child into using the potty as they might refuse to use it in future. Instead, try a calmer approach. Both my children have had plenty of accidents and instead of getting angry I just say, “Oh dear, never mind, next time let’s use the potty. Hey, How about trying to wee on it now?” All done with a smile on my face which made them smile which encouraged them to listen to what I say and do what I proposed. My daughter had two accidents today. After this gentle approach, on the potty she went. Even though she had already gone on the floor, I praised her for sitting on it anyway. WE DON’T WANT TEARS WHEN POTTY TRAINING!


If you follow these little tips then you’re way on the way for successful potty training. Your child needs a positive experience, gentle guidance and lots of love and praise. My daughter is enjoying sitting on her potty so much she will try and force a wee out 😀 She’s hilarious!





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