6 Reasons why you must hire a wedding photographer


Weddings can be very expensive which causes couples to shy away from hiring a professional wedding photographer. Or instead they’ll ask a friend or family member to take photo’s throughout the day because they have a ‘good camera’. Until they have one too many alcoholic beverages and miss out on the cake cutting or catch the first dance but the images come out blurry. 

It’s understandable why so many couples opt out of hiring a professional, phones are just as good these days right? The dress and cake are more important? The venue costs enough as it is? 


Here are 6 reasons why I believe you MUST prioritise hiring a professional wedding photographer for your big day.


1.     An amateur means more work for you.

A professional wedding photographer will have the skill and expertise to know how to organise groups, which shots are important and recognise the little details which an amateur photographer may not. This means all you have to do is relax and trust that your day will be documented down the very last important detail. Weddings are stressful enough for most brides to worry about their day being captured as perfectly as they desire. 
I’m sure no bride wants to be rallying her guests for their photo to be taken on her special day, or worrying about the first kiss being captured, or the cake cutting or that special moment when the groom shed a tear during his speech. As a bride, you want to know the photographer has taken the initiative to capture absolutely everything. A professional will know exactly what important things to look out for.


2.     A professional will value quality.

A professional photographer takes pride in quality. They strive for clear, crisp results and to achieve this, a professional will have had certain training to ensure they give their absolute best on your wedding day. They will know their camera inside out, know how to work their equipment in detail for a smooth set up to capture your perfect images. 


The photographer will have made time to plan in detail what the most important shots are and how to capture them for perfect results. I’ve heard of new photographers ‘winging it’ while photographing a wedding. This is probably one of the worst mistakes to make and will most likely result in mediocre, rubbish quality images.


3.     A professional will organise your guests from small to large group shots.

We all know how difficult it is to herd the entire family for a nice family photo, now imagine trying to gather together all of your guests at your wedding! Yes, you can assign someone to do it for you, then someone else to take the picture. But that person then won’t be in your group photo. Surely you want all of your guests in the group photo, right?

A professional wedding photographer will have prepared a list of your desired group shots before your big day (I definitely do!) and organise them to run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. The photographer will have an eye for perfection so will position the groups where the light is more flattering and the background is pleasing to the eye. 


4.     A professional has a creative eye.


As well as knowing their camera inside and out, a professional photographer has that creative flare to bring your wedding photographs to the next level. They are able to capture each and every important moment that you will never be able to get back, They will be able to plan on the spot which angle is most flattering  to capture the moment at its absolute best within a split second.


5.     A professional will be insured and qualified.

Most wedding photographers will have had extensive training in their field and will most definitely be insured. This is because they care about producing the best for their clients. These days a lot of venues require their vendors to be insured while on site. Your photographers insurance covers their gear in case it gets stolen or broken. Every wedding photographer should have liability insurance in case one of your guests trip and fall over a light stand or some other piece of equipment belonging to the photographer. 

Your photographer should also always have a plan B in case they fall ill on your wedding day. I always have a few back-ups in case the worst happens. A few good contacts who are able to cover for me who I trust to do as good a job as I would.


6.     The bottom line!

And here it is… the bottom line. After the dress has been worn, the cake has been eaten, it’s midnight and everyone has got to leave the venue, your photographs are the only thing left keeping those memories alive. Do you not want those photos to be the best possible quality? Not a moment missed of your big day? 


In 10 years from now and you look back on your big day with fond memories, those photos are really going to bring those memories alive. So what if your images are unclear, moments have been missed, everyone looks unflattering and not at their best? You’re going to wish you hired that professional who’s images you love. In 10 years from now, you’ll be kicking yourself about spending £6,000 on a venue and next to nothing on a photographer because “you can get your friend Claire to take them with her pretty good iPhone”.


Most people I have spoken to have told me how much they wish they had budgeted for a professional photographer instead of someone amateur. Your wedding photographs should be one of the most important expenses as they’re the only thing you’ll have left for all those years to come. 




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