9 Essential things you need to remember to organise a birthday party!


It’s that time of year again. It’s your childs birthday and once again you have the all important job of organising the perfect party. 

Whether you’re hiring a hall or having it at home GOOD LUCK. This year we decided to have my sons 5th birthday party at home. I know I know, I’m crazy! It makes it worse when your son decides to invite THE ENTIRE CLASS! That’s 25 children running wild in your garden. It’s the stuff of nightmares! Luckily, my sons birthday falls during the summer holidays which means a lot of the children were away on holiday. 

Planning the party shouldn’t be too difficult right? Here are a few things not to forget or else (according to my 5 year old)! 

  1. Theme 

This is VERY important. My son wanted a PJ Masks party. Can you imagine if I threw him a Mickey Mouse party? I don’t think he’d want to be my friend anymore. Or even attend his own party! 

At the age of 5 your child will most likely know what party theme they want or it might be obvious as they spend every minute they can playing with a specific toy, My Little Pony, Thomas and Friends, Spiderman or even Harry Potter. A theme for your little one shouldn’t be hard to come by. 

2. Invitations 

You can nearly always get invitations designed with your specific chosen theme. https://www.partydelights.co.uk/invitations/popular-character-invitations.aspx?pmo=parKids Have a large range of themed party invitations to choose from. If you can’t find it here it’s worth looking on Amazon. 

3. Decorations 

Decorations are important as they really make your party pop! (excuse the balloon pun) But I would advise you buy these way in advance. If you’re anything like me, I always find more decorations leading close up to the P-Day, so having a bunch of stuff as a back-up is necessary. Bunting and balloons. You cannot go wrong with lots of bunting and a heck of a lot of balloons. Every kid loves balloons and they don’t need to be themed. Just a bunch of different colours scattered everywhere and BOOM you’re done! https://www.partydelights.co.uk/decorations/?pmo=7 This website is amazing for everything party! 

4. Entertainment 


This is very important. For the long two or so hours you have to endure screaming children, what are you going to do to entertain them? There are plenty of party entertainers out there who will come dressed up as their favourite character and have a range of activities and games for the kids to get involved with. My son has been to a lot of birthday parties with entertainers but one lady stood out to me. 

Only because my son has a very hard time getting involved with the games as it gets a bit loud for him. He gets very overwhelmed and spends the rest of the party hiding behind my 

leg. Not this time! It was a lady from https://www.facebook.com/enchantedevents4kids.co.uk/ she saw my son and was so kind and gentle with him that eventually he felt comfortable and really started to get involved. I must say I was impressed! If you’re looking for an entertainer for your party, I’d highly recommend these guys! 

As my son is not interested in entertainers, I had to come up with another idea. He is very active, loves running, jumping, rolling and flipping! Bouncy Castle! Perfect! I hired a bouncy castle from https://www.facebook.com/JRsBarginBouncers/ Fantastic service, great quality products, have never let me down! I hired the bouncy castle and soft play and it was an amazing hit with the kids! They loved it! Highly recommended if you’re looking for bouncy castle hire. 

5. Food 


The last few years I have spent most of the duration of my sons birthday parties in the kitchen slaving away cooking pizza, sausage rolls, chicken skewers and nuggets. As a photographer that is NOT where I want to be. I want to be out there capturing the crazy fun all the kids are having. So this year I decided to prepare lunchboxes in advance. You cannot go wrong with lunchboxes! 

In each box I put some fruit, a drink and a packet of crisps and some popcorn in paper cups. The night before, I made some sandwiches. Some jam, some ham and some cheese. They were a hit!! The sandwiches were handed to the children on a platter so they could choose which ones they wanted. You can get cheap card lunchboxes from Amazon. 

6. Cake

The cake is the centrepiece for any party. When I have thrown parties for my kids I have always had the cake sat out so people can admire it before it gets demolished and eaten.


Everyone has a different budget for birthday cakes but always remember YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! You’ve found an amazing looking two tier detailed cake on pinterest or google and you send it off for recommendations for someone who “doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.” (I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this before) You may end up with something that looks nothing like what you requested. Believe me, it happened to my mum a couple of years back and although she paid a lower price, she got lower quality. If you’re looking for quality, I would highly recommend https://www.facebook.com/prettyperfectluxurycakes/ Perfect detail, deliciously tasty and brilliant service! Possibly the most stunning cakes I have ever seen!

It’s always handy to have a cake designed to the theme of your party. You can have your cake maker come up with a whole new design or you can ask to replicate a cake you’ve seen.

And remember, take plenty of photos from all angles before the cake is cut up and eaten 🙂

7. Music 

Every year I prepare in advance a music playlist for the party. Kids don’t really care what music is playing so I have avoided cheesy kids music like the plague! But that’s just me. 

Since my son has been at school, they’ve been playing songs like Count on me by Bruno Mars, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri and so on. These have become my sons favourite songs so of course, they’re added to the playlist. 

Listen out for naughty words!!! Last year I hadn’t realised I played Hollaback girl by Gwen Stefani but instead of checking which version I had added the kids had to listen to, “Uh huh, This my SI*T,” I was mortified! I ran from the kitchen to the music and quickly changed it before Gwen sang any more naughty words. At least people laughed rather than complained! But seriously, check the music if you’re not playing kids music. 

8. Party Bags 

The party has ended and of course, the children now want their party bags. These can get quite expensive so once again I’d buy these way in advance. I like buying things in advance as I don’t notice, as much, how much I’ve spent on everything. Which is a lot, I’m sure. https://www.allaboutpartybags.co.uk/categories/filled-party-bags?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsOjP3Mju5AIVBYfVCh080g7hEAAYASAAEgI_YvD_BwE The last couple of years I have bought my sons party bag fillers from this company. They never fail to 

impress! You can get cheap paper party bags from Sainsburys or any other superstore I’m sure. We’re trying to use the least plastic possible in this house J 

9. WINE 

And last but certainly not least. THE WINE! After months of preparation, two hours of sugar filled, noisy children and hours of cleaning up afterwards, you need a drink! Don’t go crazy with the cleaning. Clean up the essentials like leftover food, any balloons that might escape and sit back, put your feet up and have a glass of wine. YOU DESERVE IT! 

Good job mama you’ve thrown an amazing party! 

For photography services for your party, please get in touch. I specialise in event photography and would love to capture your child’s day!

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