A lockdown birthday party with Zoom


We’re all pretty much stuck in the same situation. Covid has pretty much put a hold on being able to do all those things we loved to do, such as taking our kids to soft play centres, meeting with friends for coffee or playdates and kids miss out on birthday parties. Thanks to Zoom and some very dedicated party entertainers my son was able to attend his friends 7th birthday party via zoom. 

Being the first kids zoom party I have ever experienced, I was quite sceptical on how it would go and what chaos I’d be enduring. I imagined 20 kids on my computer screen screaming trying to say hi to each other and just utter chaos.  I was pleasantly surprised!

I logged on to the zoom meeting and the joy on my sons face seeing all of his friends there in their little boxes on the screen. It was so nice to see. All the children were dressed in their Halloween costumes (The birthday girl chose a Halloween theme for her birthday…yes…in January :-D)  and they were all shouting, as I expected, and waving to each other. The birthday girl’s mother had kindly given an extra 15 minutes before the entertainer came on to get the party started.


After the kids said hi to each other, we were all suddenly muted and the entertainer began straight away. I must say, she was incredible. She was dressed as a witch and she was sat in a Halloween themed room, a perfect setting for a fun filled and exciting party. 


The entertainer really had the kids attention. Her personality was fun, bubbly and you were captured by every facial expression she gave. It is safe to say the kids were engaged the whole way through the party. It was incredible because usually my son would become distracted and not get involved with the entertainers party games in a usual group party setting, but he was so captured by her and enjoyed her enthusiasm.


She got all the kids up dancing in their living rooms and began a few party games. This included a treasure hunt, musical statues where you have to dance like a zombie and stand as still as you can in the scariest position possible. The kids loved this. It was so funny seeing all of their different poses and scary faces.


She moved on to the next game which included using us parents….. Great….haha!

Using toilet paper, the kids had to wrap up one of their parents to create a scary ghost. This was extremely fun and while being a kids party, it felt like a nice family fun activity at the same time. My son was delighted when the birthday girl called his name as one of the winners! 

We ended the party with a dance to Thriller and the kids waving to each other. I was pleasantly surprised that my son had involved himself the whole way through, how structured and well planned the party was and I was also surprised with how much fun I had! I don’t usually look forward to kids parties haha! 


A great thanks to the amazing entertainer from https://www.facebook.com/spellboundparties.co.uk/ an absolutely amazing experience we all had!


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