Elodie’s Cake Smash & Splash


Meet Elodie….

A beautiful Irish red head with a beautiful laugh who has just found her liking for cake! 
It’s her first birthday and mum and dad wanted to mark this huge milestone by documenting it in the form of a cake smash photoshoot. 

Elodie came to Emily Miller Photography studios in Orpington, Chelsfield BR6 to celebrate her 1st milestone.

At first, as you can see by the expression on her face, she was not sure. In an unusual environment and her parents encouraging her to eat cake when normally it is forbidden, something strange is going on. 
Before I start any photoshoot involving young children, I spend time getting to know the child, letting the child get to know me. Elodie was all smiles off the set, handing me toys to play with and giving me cuddles. Once back in front of the camera, she got shy and wanted mummy again.

So I asked mummy kindly if she’d sit in with Elodie for the first couple of shots, encourage her to play with the spatula and hit the cake with it. At first she was testing the waters. What was this strange, sticky thing that this weird lady wants me to play with? Never mind, this is actually quite fun!
She was comfortable sitting with mummy for a few minutes. I then asked mummy to put a bit of the icing on Elodie’s lips and see how she likes the cake.

I think it’s fair to say she loves cake! Elodie didn’t even notice mummy slipping off to the side as the cake was too good. We could have left her there all day and she would be happy to polish it off!

We encouraged Elodie to drink some water which distracted her from the cake. Water is important throughout any shoot but most important with a cake smash to keep the child hydrated and happy.


This little lady is such a character. Enjoying cake then she decides she wants some on her head! We’re here laughing our butts off and she’s wondering why mummy and daddy and this crazy lady and laughing so much and making silly noises! (Oh the lengths we go to make our children smile) 

Doesn’t matter right? Because this tastes gooooood! She really did devour that cake. 

After deciding she had had enough of that yummy cake, we need to distract her with something. These lovely wooden letters did the trick! While mummy knocked two of them together while singing a song, Elodie decided she wanted a go too. Making noise is so much fun. 

After lots of cake and fun with wooden letters, Elodie needed a bath. Oh did she love her bath!

She splashed and laughed and splashed some more! After being shy and not so sure, Elodie came out of her shell and showed us the best in her. An amazing first birthday which Elodie and her family can cherish forever, and I got to use my new cake smash outfit!

Book now for your little ones birthday here and capture those special moments before they get bigger! You can see more of my birthday babies in the cake smash gallery.




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