Goodbye 2019! Hello 2020! A new decade for bigger dreams!


Happy New Year……and just like that, another year and another DECADE over! How fast did that fly by? If you look back on the year you have had, do you feel you have done everything you wanted to do in that time?

I will tell you what I wanted, I wanted an extension on my house, a new studio built in the back garden, I wanted to enter hundreds of competitions and win golds! I wanted to lose 4 stone and fit into an old dress that’s been sitting in the wardrobe for 5 years. I had a list of photographers I wanted to train with to improve my work and better myself and my business and pass my photography course with The British Academy of Photography.

A lot of high expectations there, right? Can you guess how many of those I have actually achieved? Just two. Yep, two! I passed my course with flying colours. Diploma in photography! Happy days!

I have also had the pleasure of training with a number of fantastic photographers from all over the UK. Quite frankly I am happy with what I have achieved, even if it is only one thing completed. Trying to run a home, two kids and a business is not easy.

An image taken by myself after a workshop with  Maggie Robinson .

An image taken by myself after a workshop with Maggie Robinson.

I am very happy with the training I have had in 2019. I have had the pleasure of training with Gary Hill – lighting and posing, Emma Jane – newborn, Maggie Robinson and Natasha Ince family posing and maternity posing, lighting and editing.. All very high up in their field and outright amazing people! I feel my work has noticeably improved and it is down to them and their dedication to help others and their businesses.

A maternity image after a maternity workshop with  Natasha Ince

A maternity image after a maternity workshop with Natasha Ince

So, what goals do you have for 2020? I have decided this year to set more realistic goals and stop stressing if I haven’t achieved something I really wanted to, because there’s always another time.

This year I have begun setting goals for myself. Fitness is one. I love keeping fit and lately I have become lazy and tired all the time. I need to start again! I have joined the Les Mils on Demand workouts so I have the flexibility of exercising in my own time and at home. With young children it is difficult to get to the gym or go out for a run.

An image of Ellie during a workshop with  Gary Hill

An image of Ellie during a workshop with Gary Hill

I have a few more training workshops I’m going to do this year. My next big goal is to actually enter a competition. I have held myself back down to fear but now I am adamant that I am going to enter! What have I go to lose?

A little list of my goals for 2020 are:

  1. Enter a competition

  2. Gain more clients

  3. Lose weight and get fit

  4. See my friends more

  5. Take more home videos

Small list but definitely achievable. If I can complete these small things then I will hopefully feel like a winner! Even more so if I win an award for my work.

If these goals are completed before the end of the year then I will move on to higher goals, such as:

  1. Save up for a family holiday abroad rather than a camping trip

  2. Train my body towards completing another Tough Mudder

  3. Take a singing class, cake decorating class and a dress making class

  4. Get a new fireplace

  5. Declutter the dining room (Currently a storage room for crap)

A little more challenging to complete these goals but if I plan my weeks properly, I can definitely achieve them!

Go write yourself a list of goals, things you need to get done and things you just want done for yourself. Love yourself and your life. Make this year YOUR year! Bring it on 2020!!





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