How to preserve your photos and prevent them from damage and fading.


Along with so many other meaningful items we try to preserve in our lives to remind us of loved ones, photo’s are among those that are the most important. It is a part of our history that reminds us of what our loved ones look like, maybe bring back a familiar smell and reminds us of that particular moment. It all brings a smile to our faces.
I recently went through some of my mums old photo’s. So many memories she had printed and put in a box to one day come out and be enjoyed again. We went through them, laughing and reminding ourselves (or more herself, most are of me an my siblings as babies) of times we can never go back to. A time we are grateful to have had and more grateful that moment was captured. As we continued to go through them we noticed a few had seriously faded, some were stuck together and pulled apart would deface the photo. This was obviously something none of us want to have done to our precious photos. So here’s a list of ways you can protect and preserve your photos and have them last a lifetime.

First of all, it is important to know what factors affect photos over time. Exposed to these factors will eventually cause your photos to fade and potentially become destroyed.

The most common natural factors are…

  1. Light – Left in light for long periods of time causes photos to fade.

  2. Moisture – Lack of ventilation will build mould and destroy photos over time.

  3. Temperature – If the temperature is too high it can cause discolouration and chemical decay.

Be mindful of how you handle your prints. Your fingers produce oils that can damage the photo. Wearing light cotton gloves can prevent this.

Check your photos are not stored together face to face. As I’ve mentioned above, they get stuck together and pulling them apart will damage the photo. I find using white craft tissue paper in between each photo can help prevent damage.

It’s a good idea to know the quality of the paper you’re printing your photo’s on. Some high street printing labs use the cheapest paper resulting in potentially poor quality images and photographs that are more susceptible to damage and fading.

Here at Emily Miller Photography I pride myself on only the highest quality paper for your images. This is because I want your images to last forever. I want your great grand children to cherish your photos as it will be the most important thing they have of you after you’re gone.

Take good care of your photos, so far it is the only way we can travel back in time.




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