My son worked so hard on his school work this week, so we rewarded him…


Home schooling is bloody. It’s hard! Especially when the kids won’t co-operate. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given up just to keep the peace with my son. He can be quite temperamental so once he’s in a mood, it’s not easy getting him out of it. When he is motivated he really does well and gets stuck in. It’s the keeping him motivated part that’s hard. And I’ll be honest, I hate home schooling. I hate it. I am not a school teacher, I prefer doing activities like crafts, or playing in the garden. But maths, english and science? I am not good at teaching. I’d rather watch my kids chase each other round the garden while I relax and drink a glass of wine.

During the two week Easter break we were pretty much very relaxed, played lots in the garden and all our activities were practically child-led. So the first week of term, I was sure we’d have problems getting him to settle down and do his school work.

To my surprise, he soldiered on and completed his tasks that were set by his teacher. I would do a little happy dance every time I uploaded his work to show his teacher. So proud!


I felt this was a huge achievement, and I’m sure you would too if you experience the difficulties when it comes to home schooling. We did have frequent breaks in between so he could play, watch an episode of PJ Masks or have some lunch but every time I called him back to complete his work he came over, sat and carried on where he left off with no fuss whatsoever.

Now, this is rare and I knew it couldn’t last as my son has the attention span of a sponge and keeping him focused on something for some time is merely impossible. So you can imagine my surprise and delight when he kept up this attitude not just on the Monday, but right through till Friday! Honestly, I was having one big proud mummy moment. It was wonderful.

I am a big believer in rewarding good behaviour and achievements and this was definitely a big achievement for him and I wanted him to know that.
I printed a certificate I found online and we had a small award ceremony. His face lit up when he got it and it felt so nice to see his happiness and joy at receiving the certificate. He realised his hard work had been rewarded and I am hoping he works just as hard next week. (haha!) But if he doesn’t, that doesn’t matter. He still amazes me every day.

I truly believe doing this builds encouragement and confidence in children. My son was so happy receiving his certificate and continued to be on his best behaviour for the rest of the day.

Just look at his face!

Just look at his face!




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