Yara turns one! Celebrating her milestone with a cake smash session!


It is the most exciting moment when your little one turns one, and although they won’t remember a thing about it we still like to plan something extra special to mark this beautiful time.
When my first child turned one I threw him a huge birthday party in our back garden and had our guests watch him smash his strawberry, lime and cream cake. The mess was awesome! And better still, I had some amazing photo’s taken of that special moment. My son is now 7. He has seen these photo’s and he loves them so much. He knows it’s him but of course, he doesn’t remember. His giggles as he goes through his first birthday album warms my heart.


When Yara came to me for her first birthday cake smash photoshoot, I absolutely could not wait to make some memories for her and her family. Mum wanted rainbows and butterflies for her theme so I did my best to create something beautiful for her.
The moment I met Yara, she melted my heart! Such a smiley, bubbly and fun little girl she was!

The moment we sat her in front of her cake she was in her element. Although the cake was barely touched, she filled the studio with smiles and giggles. With a few funny faces thrown in there. She was gorgeous!


Mum had brought along a pretty little crown for Yara to wear during her photoshoot, but like a lot of babies she wasn’t too happy about having it on her head. Some babies don’t mind or don’t notice but I have had plenty of babies who refuse this cute accessory. The crown came off and we just got on with the session. Honestly though, Yara was cute enough!
Both mum and dad were as lovely as ever. Playing peek-a-boo behind my back while I took the photo’s, pulling funny faces to encourage her to mimic them. ( I could see where Yara got her funny face pulling skills from) And generally making her laugh which added to the fun of the session. It always helps when mum and dad get involved, encouraging the smiles and laughter. It adds to the parent-baby bonding too.

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The cake smashing part of the session doesn’t last long. The babies will let you know when they’ve had enough so that’s my queue to suggest a short break. Mum took Yara, changed her out of her cute tutu and gave her some water and some cuddles. During this time I set up a little bath with warm water and bubbles. I would say 80% of babies I get will sit in the bath and not want to get out! It’s warm, it’s fun and it’s wet and best of all they can splash and pay.

Yara enjoyed her bath so much. She played with the bubbles, she splashed around and then she just relaxed in the bath while giving us all smiles. Her session could not have been any more perfect. Such a beautiful little soul.

A cake smash and splash session is totally a worthwhile investment. These photo’s will last a lifetime and more and they’re a great memory for you and your little one for when they grow up. They may not remember it, but they’ll know it happened and they will smile at the thought of being able to have that experience in their life.

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